From our youngest children in the Nursery to our Year 8 children in the Prep School, each pupil has the opportunity to experience something really special; a top class education, whilst still enjoying a childhood filled with curiosity, creativity and exploration.  


South Lee teachers share the school’s values and ethos and are dedicated to helping our pupils to be their very best selves. Teaching is a vocation, and our highly skilled teachers are passionate about their subjects and set a curriculum that is challenging and diverse.  


The school takes full advantage of all that is on offer in the local area, including the famous

St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Nowton Park and the Suffolk countryside and coast.


As an independent school, we are not bound by the constraints of the National Curriculum, so our curriculum is designed to be broad, challenging and fun. Specialist teachers in academic subjects, the Creative Arts and Sport, ensure the teaching is of a high quality, delivered by staff who are up to date with the latest innovations and developments in their area.  

We have an excellent Individual Development Department providing support to any of our pupils who might benefit from additional help. This is tailored to the individual child.