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Individual Development

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The primary focus of South Lee Prep School's Individual Development Department is to enhance the learning and personal growth of every  by collaborating closely with the entire teaching staff. This department intentionally adopted the name "Individual Development" to move away from the occasionally misconstrued term "Special Educational Needs (SEN)." At South Lee, we recognize that all children have unique requirements, and at times, these may fall within the purview of the Individual Development (ID) department.

Our Individual Development department has a comprehensive approach to supporting children's growth. This approach encompasses various aspects, including assisting pupils in developing effective learning strategies, aiding teaching staff in better accommodating these pupils, and consistently delivering high-quality one-on-one and small group support. Research has shown that this holistic approach to individual needs is highly effective. In addition to focusing on academic subjects, we also provide substantial assistance to children requiring emotional intelligence development. We prioritise both pastoral and academic welfare, ensuring the highest level of care for both.

For children currently receiving support from the Individual Development department, we will conduct assessments and observations during the early weeks of the Michaelmas term. This will allow us to collaboratively review and establish meaningful targets with the involvement of the children and their parents. We will regularly revisit and adjust these targets in consultation with the children, parents, and teachers.

Our support from the Individual Development department will be flexible and tailored to individual needs. This flexibility means that some pupils may receive short-term assistance, while others may require more sustained or long-term support. In all cases, our goal is to empower our students to become independent learners equipped with effective strategies for success in all subjects.

A Holistic Approach

In the Classroom

At South Lee Prep School & Nursery, we embrace the uniqueness of every child and are dedicated to nurturing their fullest potential.

Our teachers employ a range of tailored approaches, such as differentiated activities, adaptable seating arrangements, and the integration of multi-sensory teaching methods. Additionally, we harness the power of accelerated learning techniques and foster the growth of critical thinking skills through extension and enrichment activities.


Collaboratively, we may establish achievable targets that guide pupils towards the realisation of their learning objectives. While differentiation within a classroom can manifest in various ways, our teaching programs consistently prioritise the cultivation of self-confidence in each pupil.

We also encourage parents to actively participate in our educational plans for their children. We kindly request that every parent engages in regular reading sessions with their child, regardless of the grade level within the school. It's important to note that reading together should continue even after a child becomes proficient in reading independently, as it significantly contributes to vocabulary development, which in turn enhances overall intelligence.

We greatly appreciate any assistance with homework, and we value your involvement in your child's learning journey. If, at any point, your child encounters difficulty with a particular concept or subject, please do not hesitate to inform the respective subject or class teacher for additional support. Your collaboration is instrumental in ensuring your child's success.

Help at Home


Mrs. Mallen heads the Individual Development department at South Lee Prep School. In collaboration with her, a team of specialized teachers conducts individual and small-group sessions tailored to children requiring additional support. Our teaching staff undergo comprehensive training in various learning difficulties to ensure they are well-equipped to address the diverse needs of our students.

Occasionally, a child may have an Individual Development Plan (IDP), wherein we formalise a targeted support plan. As a parent, you may occasionally notice other children engaged in different tasks than your own.


Children who regularly work with the ID department receive daily sheets for specific task revision, which typically only take a few minutes. If your child doesn't have the same assignments, it indicates that their needs are being addressed through an alternate approach. We make every effort to closely monitor each child, but if you ever feel that your child's needs aren't adequately met, please don't hesitate to contact the department. All our teachers, including those in the ID department, are available for discussions. You can arrange a phone call or appointment at a time convenient for you.

For more information about our support for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and those with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), please feel free to request additional details.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

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