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Relationship, Sex, and Health Education (RSHE) comprises three primary components:

  1. Health & Wellbeing:

    • Physical well-being

    • Mental health

    • Self-awareness

    • Growth and development

    • Safety

  2. Living in the Wider World:

    • Responsibilities

    • Community engagement

    • Media literacy and digital resilience

    • Economic well-being

    • Goals and ambitions

    • Career development

  3. Relationships:

    • Family dynamics and nurturing positive relationships

    • Supportive and caring friendships

    • Respectful and healthy relationships

    • Online relationship dynamics

    • Ensuring safety

Why is RSHE important?

The objective of Relationship, Sex, and Health Education (RSHE) is to equip our children with the knowledge and understanding necessary to make responsible and well-informed decisions throughout their lives. It serves as a means of supporting young people as they navigate their physical, emotional, and moral development, fostering a sense of self-respect and respect for others as they progress from childhood through adolescence into adulthood. RSHE is an integral part of both the Science and PSHEE curriculum and is designed not to promote early sexual experimentation but to empower children to build confidence, self-esteem, and an awareness of the reasons for delaying sexual activity.

During RSHE sessions, children have the opportunity to work in gender-specific groups, allowing them to ask questions they might otherwise find uncomfortable in a larger setting. Additionally, a sealed question box is provided to enable anonymous inquiries. Teachers make every effort to address reasonable and appropriate questions from these sources.

The RSHE program is adapted annually to meet the evolving needs of the children.

How is RSHE taught in South Lee Prep School? 

We incorporate RSHE into our curriculum by integrating it with our PSHEE and Science programs, following a comprehensive curriculum plan provided by The PSHE Association.

You can access valuable RSHE documents relevant to South Lee Prep School by downloading them below:

RSHE Policy 

RSHE Policy Document

RSHE Consultation

During the Michaelmas term, we conducted a parent consultation by sharing our policy and receiving feedback. Based on this valuable input, we made adjustments to our curriculum.

PSHEE/ RSHE Handbook

Handbook 2021

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