Year 3 

Autumn Term

Maps - Examining the properties and how to use a map, understanding and using keys to make information clearer

Global Locations - British Isles, Europe, Continents and Oceans and specific countries in the world

Geographical Skills - Using a compass

Spring Term

Kenya - Kenya’s physical geography and location, culture in Kenya, contrasting lifestyles, main tourist attractions

Summer Term

Different Environments – Beaches and the coast, features of coastlines, rainforests, the threat of rainforests such as the Amazon

Global Locations - Revision

Year 4 

Autumn Term

Global Locations- Continents, Oceans, British Isles 

Compass and Map skills 

Settlements - Understanding the definition of a settlement, reasons for settlements and land use, Bury St Edmunds land use and history 

Spring Term

India – Location, living in India, life in Indian cities, climate

The Environment - Pollution and recycling, understanding our environment

Summer Term

Global Locations - Revision

Map Skills – Revision, scale and grid references 

Settlements - Revision

India - Revision

Weather and Climate - investigating weather in the UK, extreme examples of weather 

Year 5 

Autumn Term

Water - Where water is, water in the home, dirty water and disease, water shortages and drought, flooding 

Volcanoes - What the Earth made of, what volcanoes are, where are volcanoes found, types and states of volcanoes, effects of volcanoes, case study- Eyjafjallajokull


Spring Term

Mountains - Locate mountain ranges in the world, UK mountains, name and location of  countries and cities in the UK and their geographical features, how mountains are made, features of a mountain, mountain climate, mountain travel, tourism in mountains 

Summer Term

St Lucia - Where is St Lucia, understand the main tourist attractions of St Lucia, fieldwork project

Year 6 

Autumn Term

North and South America - Cities and countries, comparing landscapes, comparing climates, comparing places, planning a trip in North and South America, presenting a trip 

Rivers - Understand the basic processes of rivers and river features, locate Rivers of the world and in Europe, dam case studies, how we use rivers, flooding 

Understand Key aspects of physical geography- mountains, biomes, volcanoes and earthquakes 


Spring Term

Our Changing World - Erosion and weathering, coastal features, changing coastlines, changing landscapes 

Trade and Economics - What we trade, who we trade with, fair trade 

Summer Term

Trade and Economics Continues - How has trading changed, understand types of settlements and land use 

Map Skills - 4 and 6 figure grid references, scale to measure distances 

Global Locations - Countries and capitals 

Year 7 & 8 

Autumn Term

Rivers - River features and processes, erosion and weathering, flooding, types of rocks 

Coasts - Coastal features and processes, erosion and weathering, coastal erosion case study 

Map Skills 


Spring Term

Earthquakes and Volcanoes - plate tectonic and plate boundaries, volcano types, volcano formation, effects of volcanoes, earthquakes, effects of earthquakes, case studies 

Population and Settlement - Understand population numbers and density, rise and fall of population, reason and patterns for settlements and settlement density 

Summer Term

Urban Development - Management of an urban development, the importance of sustainable development, case study of urban development 

Map Skills 

Project work 

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