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P.E. & Games 

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The aim of South Lee Prep School's PE & Games curriculum are that all pupils will experience a broad and balanced programme to meet their needs. Therefore, ensuring they can take part in a wide range of activities. Objectives of the curriculum include:

  • To strive to allow pupils to experience success either individually or within a team situation.

  • To enable pupils who are ready to experience competing against other schools and or in house matches to do so.

  • To enable all pupils to move on to their next schools willing and enthusiastic to have a go at everything.

  • For all pupils to have experienced a wide a variety of activities as reasonably possible and for all pupils to have found an activity or several activities which they enjoy participating in.

There is a PE/Games session every day, with fixtures held every Wednesday (for Years 5-8) and Friday (Year 3-4).


Structure of the Term


Michaelmas Term

Pre-Prep: Dance, Swimming, Large Ball Games (modified games incorporating catching, throwing and kicking)

Boys Major Sport: Hockey & Football (Year 3 & 4), Rugby (Years 5-8)

Boys Minor Sport: Badminton

Girls Major Sport: Netball (Year 3 & 4), Hockey (Year 5-8)

Girls Minor Sport: Badminton

Lent Term

Pre-Prep: Dance, Swimming, Cross Country, Invasion Games/Net and Wall Games

Boys Major Sport: Rugby (Year 3 & 4), Hockey & Football (Years 5-8)

Boys Minor Sport: Basketball & Table Tennis

Girls Major Sport: Hockey (Year 3 & 4), Netball (Year 5-8)

Girls Minor Sport: Basketball & Table Tennis

Summer Term

Pre-Prep: Dance, Swimming, Striking and Fielding Games, Athletics

Boys Major Sport: Cricket (Years 3-8)

Boys Minor Sport: Tennis, Athletics & Rounders

Girls Major Sport: Cricket (Years 3-8)

Girls Minor Sport: Tennis, Athletics & Rounders

Key Skills - Pre-Prep

The key skills that are taught and developed throughout Pre-Prep:

  • Moving with imagination, confidence and increasing control and co-ordination.

  • Travelling around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment in different ways.

  • Developing awareness of space, of themselves and others.

  • Understanding the importance of keeping healthy and what contributes to this.

  • Recognising the changes that happen to bodies when they are active.

  • Using a range of small and large PE equipment.

  • Developing fine motor skills through handling equipment of various sizes and weights safely and with increasing control.

Key Skills - Prep

The key skills that are taught and developed throughout Prep:

  • Understanding and demonstrating a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games.

  • Developing technique and improving performance in other competitive sports (e.g. athletics, gymnastics, orienteering and swimming).

  • Knowing how to use and perform a variety of vaults using apparatus.

  • Understanding the importance of exercise and staying fit and healthy.

  • Taking part in activities that present intellectual and physical challenges.

  • Working as a team, developing skills to solve problems either individually or as a group.

  • Analysing their performances compared to previous ones, demonstrating improvement to achieve their personal best along with an understanding of how to do this.


Careful consideration is given to the planning of the curriculum to ensure progression throughout the school is a priority. The emphasis is very much on acquiring and developing skills, evaluating and improving performance and a knowledge of fitness and health.

Health & Safety

Pupils are taught the importance of warming up and cooling down. This is introduced during Games lessons as a way of developing their knowledge of its importance in every day life. This is then reinforced during team sessions.


At the end of each term all pupils receive a progress report outlining each individual's attitude to learning, strengths, areas for development and action points.

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