Learning Latin enables children to develop a better understanding of grammar and it fosters precision in translation tasks. Through the knowledge of Latin students can see the connection between Latin and English words and this helps them expand their English vocabulary. Another aim of the course is to develop an understanding and appreciation of the culture of Roman civilisation. At South Lee, students are currently studying Latin in Year 7 and Year 8. 


  • The town of Pompeii and Vesuvius 

  • The Roman household 

  • Houses in Pompeii 

  • Daily life in Pompeii 

  • Roman food 

  • The forum 


  • Latin word order (position of verb) 

  • Nominative and accusative case (first/second/third declension) 

  • Present tense for ego, tu, is/ea (first/second/third conjugation) 

  • Present tense of “esse” (to be) for ego, tu, is/ea