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I joined the South Lee team in 2020 and I am very glad to be part of this amazing school's leadership team as the Head of the Lower-Prep School. I am also the specialist Art and Design Technology teacher, with a particular interest in the concept of teaching Wellbeing and Happiness in schools. Exploring the benefits of mindfulness in an educational setting is another of my key interests. 


My Teaching career began in a large boarding school near Reading, working as a House Parent with my Husband Peter. I loved taking care of the boarders and developed some amazing experience working in a job that oversaw both the academic and pastoral progress of the young people we cared for. I came to South Lee after a teaching position at King's School, Ely (Senior), where Peter still works as the Head of Year 13. I am however Suffolk through and through having grown up in Bury, and we love living here now with our two children William and Ollie. 


Being creative keeps my mind fresh and full of ideas, with drawing and painting being my favourite things do to. This said I also love to craft and will try and make anything before buying something with varying degrees of success! Sharing my projects, ideas and interests is a special part of my job, and I really hope to inspire the children to live a creative life.  


As the Head of Lower-Prep School, I aim to keep Years 3-6 on track to becoming the most authentic version of themselves; encouraging them to do what they love and sharing this with everyone. I prefer to praise effort and intentions while being committed to nurturing the academic success and personal flourishing of every individual.   

Working individually with pupils is one of my favourite parts of this role; talking through their challenges and trying to help pupils make sense of what it is to be a young person in and outside of the classroom. I may offer guidance and strategies on all sorts of things from organisation, through to collaboration with peers and active listening in an attempt to achieve the right balance for our children in Years 3-6. Working closely with our SENCO and our fabulous Lower Prep School Tutors is another great part of my job. Together we aim to pull a sturdy safety net around all of our pupils so that they can thrive in education.


Our teaching and learning approach isn't constrained by the Common Entrance Syllabus or the National Curriculum.


This freedom allows us to personalise our educational provision, tailoring it to the unique needs of our pupils. Essentially, we can prepare our pupils for real-life experiences through our teaching methods, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge that extend beyond the classroom.

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The co-curricular program offered at South Lee Prep School presents a diverse and captivating array of activities, contributing to the enrichment and stimulation of students outside of traditional classroom settings.

Pastoral Care

We foster an environment where children are encouraged to openly and honestly communicate, addressing any challenges or concerns with both their peers and the faculty.


Each child is assigned a tutor, ensuring regular and personalised support. With a diverse student body, we aim for every child, regardless of their abilities, to feel appreciated and nurtured, reflecting the essence of our mission.

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School Life

South Lee Prep School is a vibrant hub of activity, offering an abundance of opportunities alongside the regular curriculum. With exciting trips, activity days, and various enriching experiences, students enjoy a dynamic and engaging educational journey.

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