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Year 5 Scholarships

Pupils of current Year 4 age may apply for an academic scholarship for entry into Year 5. We hold an annual Year 5 Scholarship Day each January. To sit our entrance test and have a taste of South Lee Prep School please contact our Admissions team on 01284 754654 or email

Arrival is at 9am. Pupils will be given a ‘buddy’ who will look after them during the day. The morning will involve a short test in English and Maths followed by immersion in Year 4. Children will have lunch and breaktime outside and will then join in with our usual Thursday afternoon enrichment activities. Collection is at 3.45pm. 


This year, our Year 5 Scholarship Day will take place on (date to be advised)


Year 5 Scholarship Application form can be downloaded here.

Year 7 Scholarships 

Year 7 & 8 are the most amazing years in school! Being at the very top of a prep school, the children delight in being given more freedom, challenges, responsibility and independence while still being in a caring and supportive environment where mistakes can be made without fear or ridicule. 


Being a small school also means that each child is offered a plethora of opportunities in sport, drama, music and other areas that might be available only to the most able children in larger schools. At South Lee Prep, these important years, critical to the building of positive self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem, are jam-packed full of opportunities for the children to lead, nurture others and discover who they are and who they want to be. 


Internal or external pupils showing particular talent and ability in the following areas, can apply for a scholarship.


This year, our Year 7 Scholarship Day will take place on (date to be advised)


Contact our Admissions team for further information on 01284 754654 or email


Year 7 Scholarship Application form can be downloaded here.


South Lee Prep School Registration Form can be downloaded here.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of assessments and interviews in the following areas:


Academic Scholarship Day: (for entry to Year 7, 2025).


The academic scholarship involves assessments in English and Maths, a group task and a short interview. 



Art Scholarship Day: (for entry to Year 7, 2025).


The art scholarship involves a drawing task, a practical activity, a group task and a short interview where they are encouraged to talk about their work and passion for the subject. Applicants are asked to bring a selection of their artwork completed within the last two years. 



Music Scholarship Day: (for entry to Year 7, 2025).


The music scholarship involves an audition, where pupils will be asked to present a prepared piece of music on each instrument, a group task and a short interview. As a guide, we would normally expect candidates to be at Grade IV standard or above in their first instrument. Applicants should demonstrate clear enthusiasm for music, and an intention to make excellent progress in their musical studies.  



Drama Scholarship Day: (for Year 7, 2025).


The drama scholarship involves an audition where pupils will be asked to present a prepared piece, a workshop and a short interview. Applicants should demonstrate enthusiasm, ability to learn new skills and passion for their subject.



Sport Scholarship Day: (for Year 7, 2025).


The sport scholarship involves physical assessments, a games situation with others and a short interview. Candidates are asked to prepare a sporting CV to talk through at the interview. Candidates must have experience of or the potential to play at county standard in one or more of South Lee Prep School’s major sports, although other sports may be taken into consideration.  Successful candidates will display high levels of commitment, motivation and coachability, both in the practical assessments and at interview. 



All Rounder Scholarships (for Year 7, 2025).


These are awarded to pupils who do well academically and who have the potential to contribute to one or more other areas of school life (e.g. sport, art, drama or music). We do not hold a separate assessment for this scholarship. 


Most scholarship awards are between 10% and 25% of fees.  For non-academic awards, pupils must also meet the school’s academic entrance requirements. Scholarship Pathways.


All children awarded scholarships are put onto ‘Scholarship pathways. Pupils who are also interested in a particular area or thinking about applying for a scholarship to their Senior school are also encouraged to engage with our programmes. Each pathway is run by the Head of Department and designed to stretch and support each pupil. These are individualised approaches working within a formal structure but without undue pressure or seriousness. We want children to thrive in the area they love, and our approach is about mentoring and supporting rather than overwhelming!


For further information, please contact the admissions team on

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