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South Lee Prep School Elves Make a Difference: £1,000 Raised for The Children's Trust

Bury St Edmunds, 8 December 2023 - On Tuesday, 5th December 2023, the Victory Grounds just across the road from South Lee Prep School in Bury St Edmunds, were transformed into a festive spectacle as pupils from Reception to Year 8 participated in the Elf Run, all in support of The Children's Trust.

The sight of young elves, adorned in their charming hats, racing across the Victory Grounds, warmed the hearts of onlookers and passerby. The event, organised to benefit The Children's Trust brought together the school community in a spirited display of unity for a cause that holds a special place in their hearts.

South Lee Prep School has a profound connection with The Children's Trust, an organisation that provided unwavering care for Hubert, a beloved member of the school community. Hubert's touching story can be found at:

Commending the pupils for their remarkable dedication, Mrs. Jo Coventry-King, Head of South Lee Prep School & Nursery, expressed, "We are immensely proud of our pupils for their outstanding effort and commitment to the Elf Run. It's heartwarming to witness our school community come together for a cause that resonates so deeply with us."

The goodwill and genorisity of the parents and friends of South Lee Prep School have been instrumental in the success of this charitable endeavour, resulting in donations surpassing £1,000. Mrs. Sarah Catchpole, Deputy Head of School, extended gratitude saying, " A heartfelt thank you to the parents and friends who have contributed. Your support has propelled us to exceed our fundraising goal."

The Children's Trust stands as the UK's premier charity for children with brain injuries, annually supporting thousands of children and families across the nation. Their rehabilitation efforts, conducted at their national specialist centre n Tadworth, Surrey and within communities, aim to ensure children achieve the best recovery possible after serious accidents or illnesses.

South Lee Prep School continues to be a beacon of community spirit and compassion, championing causes that positively impact children's lives.

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