South Lee School
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The School Day


The school day

A sample day for a Year 3 child looks like this:

08:30 Arrive at school – English and Maths activities

08:45 Registration

08:50 Assembly

09:15 Maths (Including a Mathletics session)

10:30 Snack and Playtime

10:50 Line up after break

10:55 Science

12.05 Wash hands for Lunch

12:10 Lunch – All teaching staff sit with a table to serve lunch to the children.

12:40 Playtime

1.15 Registration and Prep will be set

1.20 Quiet reading or calming visualisation drawing

1.30 Spelling workshop

2.00 Games

3.00 Visit to the school library

3.20 Home/ Tennis club / Milk and Biscuits

3.45 Late sports club/ After school care

4.45 Home or after school care

6pm Home