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Our Fledgling baby room is open for up to 15 babies, with the room specifically designed to care for babies from 3 months to 18 months+. The room is bright, airy and provide a stimulating environment for the little ones to learn, develop and play. 

Staffing ratios make sure that each baby is nurtured and cared for. We ensure an adult to baby ratio of 1:3, making the transition from home to Nursery as comfortable as possible, by following your child's routine.


Our warm, secure and friendly atmosphere in the Fledgling room provides a range of benefits including its own designated kitchen, as well as changing and sleeping areas to ensure we have everything on hand.


In our baby rooms, we provide toys which are specific for the age range of the babies. These toys help to ensure each baby has everything necessary to achieve important goals and milestones.


Activities are based on a mixture of baby-led and adult-led activities, with the individual needs, age and stage of development in mind. For example, babies enjoy a range of activities such as mark making with chalks and crayons, painting with their hands and paint brushes, making collages, malleable play with playdough, water play, puzzles, shape sorters and heuristic play with our treasure baskets. Babies also have access to our continuous provisions such as sand, books, dolls and teddies.


Outside activities will be held in our designated baby area of the Nursery garden or in our Forest School located within the school grounds.


We welcome visitors all year round to experience the dynamic atmosphere throughout Nursery, with a tour around our fantastic facilities and a meeting with the Nursery Manager.

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