South Lee School
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Parent Testimonials


“South Lee Nursery is a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment for our daughter. The children are kept interested and active, but are also offered quiet time if needed. There is a good variety of activities including crafts, cookery and storytelling which are always well prepared and thought out. Door monitoring and name registration provides immediate reassurance to parents of safety, as does an excellent teacher to child ratio. My daughter chats enthusiastically about school and adores the teachers. She even insists on calling in to say ‘hello’ on days off!”

“As a parent, I am always greeted in a friendly way and receive plenty of feedback about my daughter, which is given in a realistic and encouraging way. The teacher really knows each child!”

“Whilst recognising the different personalities, the children have been taught empathy, friendship and politeness – my daughter seems to have grown up a lot in this last year and as a result is much easier to rationalise with.”

“Thank you for absolutely everything you have done for my daughter. What a truly fabulous school.”

“I am impressed by the very forward-thinking attitude towards other cultures and religions. There has been a well rounded coverage of all religious festivals including: Diwali, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Harvest Festival, etc. I’m sure this is a great way to encourage open thinking in the melting pot which is their future.”

“All of the staff are friendly and approachable, with each day you are given a warm welcome that comes with a smile.”

“South Lee is a fun, caring and happy environment for a child and nurtures each individual’s abilities.”

“Thank you South Lee for giving my son a wonderful start in life and so many happy times, forever friends and memories – we couldn’t have asked for more.”

“The classroom is full of familiar favourites as well as novel and ever changing activities.”

“Children are happy and confident, and thoroughly enjoy their time in school.”


“The provision in the Nursery for planned, purposeful play and the balance between adult-led and child-initiated activities are outstanding.”