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Transitioning From Another School


Moving From Another School? How We Can Help in the Transition…


If your child is joining us from another school, the transition process begins long before your child actually starts at South Lee. As soon as a place is offered, we will contact your child’s current school, to gather as much information as possible to help us to plan for a smooth and informed transition into their new class. This will include gathering information not just about academic attainment, but also about your child’s personality and their individual requirements at school. Your child will be invited in to have some transition days with their new classmates and it is during this period that we can discuss any worries you or your child may have.


We also like to look after the wider family, so parents will be contacted by a member of the PTA to welcome you on board and to invite you to the many events run by them. For younger children or those who may be anxious at starting at a new school, we will work with parents to plan the best way to ease your child into the new environment. For the majority of children this is a quick adjustment, but for others they may need longer to settle, so we will agree a plan together to make sure it works for your child. This may include a staggered start or a more phased drop off.


There is a certain anxiety about transitioning to Year 8 due to the possibly overwhelming responsibility of leading the school, you may find yourself in a position of authority of which there are many.

You should not fear however, the positions you may find yourself in are chosen specifically for you and your abilities in all areas of the school, most of which are observed by high ranking individuals working in many subjects.

You should also look forward to the next stage of your education due to the many entertaining ventures outside of the boundaries of school. I am of course referring to such activities as residential trips, interactive workshops and general educational outings. One that should be highly anticipated is the trip to the National Space Centre, featuring all manner of space travel and research technology, many of which may not be known to you. Notably, the early rocket designs of the Apollo program which saw the deliverance of the first human to the moon.

Overall, Year 8 is a rare chance to express who students truly are and also to be rewarded for the difficult work that brought them to the position. On a more serious note, it gives students the final encouragement to move on to senior education and therefore the next stage of their lives.

Louis – Year 8