South Lee School
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Fees from September 2016

Nursery, 2 – 4 years 

£288.00 (for one morning per week, for the whole term)

Morning & lunch
£361.00 (for one morning & lunch per week, for the whole term)

Full Day (inc. lunch)
£518.00 (for one day per week, for the whole term)


All pre-prep and prep school fees are INCLUSIVE of lunch, Individual Development lessons (which include Learning Support and Able, Gifted and Talented extension sessions).

Breakfast club and activities and prep until 6pm each day of the week are included in the school fees.


*Pre-Prep, 4 – 8 years

£3,060.00 per term

Year 1
£3,060.00 per term

Year 2
£3,060.00 per term

Year 3
£3,060.00 per term

*Prep, 8 – 13 Years

Year 4
£3,780.00 per term

Year 5
£3,780.00 per term

Year 6
£3,780.00 per term

Year 7
£3,780.00 per term

Year 8
£3,780.00 per term

* Fees include lunch

There is a fee discount for parents who have three or more children in the main school at any one time.

South Lee operates the Government’s Early Education Funding Scheme for all 3 and 4 year olds.


For financial terms and conditions please click here: financial-terms-and-conditions-16-17