South Lee School
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Uniform List


Prep School Uniform

Pupils should be encouraged to be proud of their uniform and to be as smart as possible.
All items of uniform must be named.SOUTH LEE_081215_TomSoper_156
We try to discourage “fashions” concerning, in particular: hairbands, hairstyles, etc. Hair must be of a suitable length and style, and of its natural colour. Long hair must be tied back and should be off the face. Boys – hair must be worn off the collar and off the face. No hair gel should be worn by any pupil.
All decisions on what is deemed to be suitable rest with the Headmaster.
If there is a problem with uniform the Form teacher/House tutor will contact the parent rather than speak to the child about it.
Prep school pupils are allowed to wear a watch (named please).
No jewellery is permitted.
Children may only use official South Lee bags, i.e. backpacks, sports holdalls.


Boys (Winter)

Grey flannel long trousers (not cargo or skinny fit)

Navy v-neck jumper with maroon stripe

White long sleeved shirt, with House tie

Maroon blazer with embroidered badge

Navy South Lee jacket

Black shoes / grey socks


Girls (Winter)

Tartan skirt

White long sleeved shirt with Peter Pan collar and House tie

All South Lee Uniform items can be purchased from Aubyn Davies. Click here to be directed to their website.