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Headmistress Awards - 24th June 2022

Congratulations to our Headmistress' Award winners for this week!

Nursery Swans

Apple Awards:

Sasha H - For being a great new big sister.

Eddie M - For always producing amazing work.

Headmistress Award:

Kayla S - For demonstrating our Golden Values and being especially kind to one of the Fledgling children.


Apple Awards:

Eliot C - For his fantastic money work in Maths.

Zuri J - For writing sentences independently.

Headmistress Award:

Ezmai B - For trying so hard to order numbers from 1 to 20.

Year 1

Apple Awards:

Elizabeth C - For her excellent debating skills TPR.

Bruce F - For working hard in Computing to create algorithms with the Beebots.

Headmistress Award:

Kieran O - For his excellent effort in Maths this week when learning about money.

Year 2

Apple Awards:

Arthur O - For being really amazing in Topic this week.

Pia F - For being really positive this week.

Headmistress Award:

Amelie L - For always being so helpful in the classroom.

Year 3

Apple Awards:

Harry T - For his fantastic leadership in Games.

Tommy B - For his excellent work in Computing this week.

Headmistress Award:

Harry R - For his incredible bus stop method division in Maths.

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