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Headmistress Awards - 22nd April 2022

Congratulations to our Headmistress' Award winners for this week!


Apple Awards:

William T - For maintaining his pencil grip.

William JW - For his beautiful writing, placing letters on the line.

Headmistress Award:

Paul - For being so informative on the birth of his family's filly.

Year 1

Apple Awards:

Kieran - For his amazing effort in cricket club.

Bruce - For producing a beautiful pastel flower in arts and crafts.

Headmistress Award:

Michael - For settling well into the new term.

Year 2

Apple Awards:

Iris - For being amazing in all lessons.

Rachel - For being really kind to all of her peers.

Headmistress Award:

Amelie - For being really helpful at lunchtime.

Year 3

Apple Awards:

Amalie - For amazing effort in tennis club this week.

Edith AB - For her excellent writing in English.

Headmistress Award:

Charlotte - For a fantastic first week back, working really hard and putting in lots of effort.

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