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Pre-Prep Awards

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Congratulations to our Headmistress' Award winners for this week!


Apple Awards:

Hattie - For always being kind.

Thomas - For focusing brilliantly during lessons.

Headmistress Award:

Beau - For welcoming his friends back into the classroom.

Year 1

Apple Awards:

Arthur - For working so hard at home with his home learning. He has written so much and his handwriting has really improved as well!

Pia - For working so hard at home with her home learning. She has completed lots of challenges and is always keen to share her ideas with others.

Headmistress Award:

Clara - For working so independently during home learning and this week in school.

Year 2

Apple Awards:

Harry - For being really focused in all of his lessons.

Sener - For trying extremely hard in his Maths lessons.

Headmistress Award:

Harry - For working hard in every subject and following our golden values.

Year 3

Apple Awards:

Lola - For excellent estimating and measuring work in Maths.

Florence - For great perseverance in lessons and for always trying her best.

Headmistress Award:

Evie - For fantastic effort and motivation during home learning and coming back to school.

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