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Headmistress Awards - 7th October 2021

Updated: Feb 9

Congratulations to our Headmistress' Award winners for this week!



Apple Awards:

Charlotte - For trying so hard with her letter formation.

Eliot - For receiving his first reading book.

Headmistress Award:

Hubert - For trying so hard in all he does!

Year 1

Apple Awards:

Albert - For showing initiative and independence by doing helpful jobs without being asked.

Shia - For showing a growth mindset by learning from her mistakes.

Headmistress Award:

Raif - For becoming more independent and organised, especially in the mornings.

Year 2

Apple Awards:

Malakai - For his excellent work in English.

Arthur - For being more focused in lessons.

Headmistress Award:

Pia - For always being an excellent listener.

Year 3

Apple Awards:

William - For excellent focus and work in History about the Romans.

Amalie - For great 3D shape work in Maths this week.

Headmistress Award:

Harry - For a fantastic start to Year 3, with great focus and effort.

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