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Headmistress Awards - 11th March 2022

Congratulations to our Headmistress' Award winners for this week!


Apple Awards:

Zuri - For writing a lovely thank you letter.

Paul - For counting in 2's, 5's and 10's so well.

Headmistress Award:

Oliver - For his wonderful non-fiction reading.

Year 1

Apple Awards:

Michael - For focusing so well in DT.

Bruce - For working so hard in every lesson.

Headmistress Award:

Albert - For his fantastic teamwork during PE.

Year 2

Apple Awards:

Malakai - For his amazing Maths.

Pia - For always trying her best.

Headmistress Award:

Rachel - For a fantastic non-fiction report.

Year 3

Apple Awards:

Charlotte - For her fantastic work in History learning about Viking longships.

William - For excellent progress with his reading. He read with great intonation and fluency.

Headmistress Award:

Freddie - For his outstanding work in Maths this week. He worked so well on column addition to solve word problems and to add 3 or 4 different numbers together.

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