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Pre-Prep Awards

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Congratulations to our Headmistress' Award winners for this week!


Lewis - For working so hard in every lesson. Lewis is always respectful to others, listening carefully when his friends are speaking. He is always excited to contribute when it’s his turn.

Raif - For working with great enthusiasm. He is so expressive when story telling... an absolute joy to listen to!

Year 1

Rachel - For working so hard in every lesson. She always complete the work and are brave enough to share your brilliant ideas with others. 

Miller - For working so hard in every lesson. Miller always challenge yourself to complete the trickier tasks and make sure that your work is so neat. 

Year 2

Antonia - For a fantastic attitude to learning!

Edith AB - For always being so happy and positive in our online lesson

Year 3

Evie - For having an excellent attitude to online learning and for applying herself to every lesson.

Felicity - For always working as hard and effectively as she can and for consistently producing great work.

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