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Final Assembly

The Final Assembly of 2020-2021 was held on Thursday 8th July 2021. Certificates and prizes were presented to students by Mrs O'Sullivan based on their hard work this year!

Congratulations to...

Music Half Colours

Arlo B, Dillon B, Seth B, Wilfred F, Hester G, Lara W

Dance Half Colours

Annabelle H

Sports Half Colours

Arlo B, Dillon B, Oliver C, Wilfred F, Hester G, Isobel J, Eloise P, Lara W

Sports Full Colours

Henrietta C, Emilia W, Charlie W

IPQ Presentations

Annabelle B - Merit

Arlo B - Distinction

Dillon B - Merit

Seth B - Distinction

Oliver C - Merit

Henrietta C - Distinction

George F - Distinction

Wilfred F - Distinction

Holly H - Distinction

Alice H - Distinction

Charlie J - Merit

Solomon J - Merit

Charlotte K - Distinction

Olivia S - Distinction

Lily V - Distinction

Charlie W - Distinction

Edward W - Merit

Richard Spring Award

Felicity M

Lady Miriam Award

Arya R

Runner Up - Character Creations Writing Competition

Harry A

Shortlisted Finalist - Character Creations Writing Competition

Emily M

Pre-Prep Sports Day Awards

Reception Class

1st - Shia WB

2nd - Thomas W

3rd - Elizabeth C

Year 1

1st - Miller B

2nd - Clara K

3rd - Malakai AW

Year 2

1st - Ted Y & Antonia W

2nd - Edith A

Year 3

1st - Emelia A & Felicity M

2nd - Freddie D

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