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Chinese Culture & Language Enrichment Day

“My favourite activity from Enrichment Day is the traditional Chinese dancing we learnt!"- Ollie (Year 7)

On Wednesday 10th February, children from Nursery through to Year 8 took part in a Chinese Culture and Language Enrichment Day.

The day started with a themed virtual whole school assembly led by Mrs Baker and our brilliant key worker children!

Mr Clinch began the first session on ancient Chinese technology that helped shape the world we see today. He introduced the children to ancient Chinese technological inventions: the compass and the printing press. These two inventions had a massive impact on the world and are still influential today. As the Chinese were the first to invent compasses, the children made their own using cork screws, magnets and a paper clip/pin.

Madame Barker taught the children how to say the names of animals and practice their Chinese writing!

Mrs Winton Mills introduced the children to the Chinese New Year Lion Dance, encouraging them to draw inspiration from the celebration to create their own music and dance.

During their Art lesson, Mrs Thistlethwaite showed the children how to create a picture of nature and turn their artwork into a scroll, based on Chinese silk paintings.

Chef Gary prepared a wonderful meal that complimented our Chinese Culture and Language Enrichment Day perfectly!

"Chef Gary's spring rolls were delicious!" - Solomon (Year 7)

Chinese Culture & Language Workshops

We were fortunate to have several workshops hosted by Chinese teaching staff from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Children in Reception Class and Year 1 had an enchanting story telling session on Chinese Legends, whereas Year 2 & 3 experimented with traditional calligraphy.

"I really enjoyed the calligraphy workshop and liked having a go myself!" - Lola (Year 3)

Year 4 & 5 tried their hand at the intricate art of papercutting!

Years 6, 7 & 8 participated in a brilliant Chinese dance session. Mr Catchpole led the key worker children, performing the moves extremely gracefully!

The Great Wall of China Challenge

We were rather ambitious and set the whole school community a challenge to walk part of the length of the Great Wall of China, in 7 days.

We started the challenge on Saturday 6th February, with our aim to see how far along the Ming Great Wall we could get!

The cold weather made the challenge even more difficult, however it certainly wasn't going to stop the South Lee students, parents and staff!!

Charlie and Ted came up with a plan to ramp up their distance totals using the stairs! What an excellent idea!

We started our journey at Jiayu Pass, which is the western starting point of the Ming Great Wall. With pupils, parents, grandparents, siblings and staff all taking part, we were able to succeed the 1000km mark at Zhangye.

We are extremely proud of everyone who took part, as we were able to reach a fantastic total of 1486952 meters, which converts to 1486.93km.

A huge well done to the South Lee for taking part in such a monumental challenge!

"Well done and a big thank you for organising such a fun day!" - South Lee Parent

Chinese New Year - Reception Class

For children in Reception class, Chinese New Year is a particularly important celebration as they have an expert on the topic! Lewis took over from Mrs Gisbey to teach his classmates how to count to ten!

Earlier on in the week, Reception had a go at using Chinese characters to write their own name.

Continuing the festive celebration, Lewis sang to his class a traditional Chinese New Year song. What a performance he gave!

Lewis provided a translation of what the lyrics say in English:

Finishing off the celebration, Reception class learnt about the Chinese Dragon. The dragon is a important part of Chinese culture, symbolizing wisdom, power, wealth and good luck.

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