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Instrumental Tuition


We offer a wide range of instrumental lessons and are delighted to have some fantastic peripatetic music teachers who are able to teach a variety of instruments. It is suggested that interested pupils should start learning an instrument from Year 2. This is mainly due to physical restraints on some instruments. If you wish your child to begin learning a musical instrument, please inform the school office.

Lessons are arranged on a rota basis in order to minimise repeatedly missed subjects. An effort is made by both the teacher and the child to make up missed work, but this is not always possible. We therefore ask parents to help their child catch up on any work missed.

The cost of instrumental lessons is £17.00 for a 30 minute lesson. Children will begin with a trial session and then continue with regular lessons. Lessons should be arranged only after consultation with the form tutor.

Instrumental Lessons Available:
Clarinet Mrs Beckwith
Cello Mrs Banks
Cornet Mrs Chester
Drums Mr Williamson
French Horn Mrs Chester
Harp Mrs Chorley
Horn Mrs Chester

Mrs Beckwith

Mrs Purves

Saxophone Mrs Beckwith
Trombone Mrs Chester
Trumpet Mrs Chester
Violin Mrs Sokolowski

Mrs Henson

Mrs Pringle

From September 2020, we will also be offering guitar, ukulele, flute and recorder lessons.


Please note, when a child begins a music lesson the contract formed is made directly between the parent and visiting teacher and not South Lee School. Half a term’s notice is required in writing should you wish the instrumental lessons to cease. This is strictly adhered to as we value our visiting staff and their expertise.