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Internet Safety – Becoming Confident Digital Citizens

At South Lee School, we are very committed that in this age of technology our students should become confident digital citizens.

That means when using the Internet, they should know how to keep safe and how to respond to any communication or situation they encounter. Our goal, is that our students are aware of the great potential of the Internet in terms of their learning and ability to carry out research, and the possibilities to be creative. But, that they are also aware of how to react to any risks and how to ask for help. Current guidance encourages teachers and parents to promote a dialogue with their children to clarify best online practices. Also, this dialogue should start from the point when they begin to use computers.

There is a wealth of excellent information and resources online to support teachers and students, but also parents. Guidance can be found on a range of issues including cyberbullying, social networking, reporting, parental controls and downloading, as well as many other topics. There is even help on how to go about buying a mobile phone or other items of technology. As a school, we would actively encourage to you to visit the below websites to find out more.


Organisations and their Links

Childnet International

Common Sense Media

Internet Matters



Should parents have a safeguarding concern, they can contact Jo Coventry (Deputy Head) who is the school’s DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead). Donna Macfarlane, the School Nurse, Sarah Catchpole (Head of Pre-prep) and Tom Hoare (Head of Upper School) are also DSL. More information on safeguarding and reporting concerns can be found on the Suffolk Safeguarding webpage: