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Enrichment Within The School Curriculum

In the Michaelmas term of 2020, we are launching our programme of enrichment afternoons with a range of new and exciting activities for our children in Year 1 to Year 8.  The children will get the opportunity to take part in First Aid, Study Skills, Philosophy, Craft and Enterprise, Design Technology, Forest Schools, Music Makers, our Leadership programme and rehearsals for our ever-popular Christmas Productions.

We are looking forward to being able to expand our students’ experiences and knowledge with a variety of new opportunities!

During the Michaelmas term we will be running the following sessions:

Year 1-3 Christmas Production Rehearsals & Christmas Fair products
Year 4 First Aid, Forest Schools, Christmas Enterprise & Music Makers
Year 5 Forest Schools, Christmas Enterprise, Study Skills & First Aid
Year 6 Philosophy, Music Makers, Forest Schools & Study Skills
Year 7 & 8 South Leaders (our new leadership development programme), Philosophy &  Design Technology