South Lee School
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Forest School

Forest School aims to encourage and inspire children of all ages through positive outdoor experiences. During the Forest School sessions children are given time, space and freedom to explore using all their senses.

All Forest School activities will be held within school grounds, in our well established safe woodland area by a qualified Forest School leader. Activities will include making ‘Muddy Faces’, playing in the ‘Mud Kitchen’ and making ‘Animal Shelters’.

Stave House

This internationally renowned programme, approved by the London College of Music, introduces children to the world of reading music through fun magnetic characters who live in the ‘Stave House’

Inside Stave House

Tennis Coaching

Our Head of PE, Mr Stephen Catchpole, provides a weekly tennis lesson for the Nursery Swans. This includes ball skills, teamwork, interactive team games and above all, lots of fun.






Bonjour! In Nursery French we always greet each other, say how we are feeling, our name and how old we are. If you pass our outdoor classroom while we are learning French, you might see us moving around in different ways, following Madame Alexander’s instructions, while we are counting, looking for different colours around us, chanting a rhyme, singing a song, playing a game, having a picnic (the pretend ones are the best!), acting along to a story or… well, just about anything can happen, as long as it is fun and helps us to remember French!






Young children are keen to experiment with movement possibilities – to run, hop, jump, roll, bend, swing and stretch. Our yoga sessions encourage children to become aware of their body and its capacity for movement, providing a range of activities that promote the development of strength, flexibility and balance. In a fun but structured way, these sessions combine the principles of yoga with self-massage, movement, age appropriate yoga postures and relaxation through simple sequences and stories that stimulate and interest busy little bodies and minds.




Our weekly art sessions are full of fun and colour. The class will be led by artist Jonathan Boast, the Head of Art at South Lee. He has an amazing wealth of knowledge and will be teaching the children about many different famous artists and how they all have their own individual ways of making art their own.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

We embrace STEM at South Lee and incorporate it into our already rich and varied curriculum.


Music Explorers

Our ‘Music Explorers’ sessions encourage the children to discover the fascinating world of music. Through taking part in themed action songs, musical games, movement to music, listening to music and with plenty of opportunity for playing a variety of percussion instruments, the children are able to develop their understanding of basic musical concepts. Each interactive small-group music session is structured, with an educational slant – the children are learning whilst having lots of fun! At ‘Music Explorers’ not only are musical skills being developed but emotional, physical, intellectual, language and social skills are all being put to good use. Our music sessions really do encourage the children to explore the wonderful ‘world’ of music with the emphasis always on having fun!





EASEL (Expressive Arts Supporting Early Learning)

We feel passionately that the arts should play an integral part in our “Early Years” Curriculum at South Lee School. As part of our “Easel” programme, (Expressive Arts Supporting Early Learning) we promote activities that engage a child’s imagination so that they can become inventive and reflective thinkers. We believe that creative experiences such as art, dance, drama, music, puppetry, yoga and Forest Schools will help to develop both physical and cognitive skills, as well as emotional well-being. These opportunities will provide a fabulous foundation for later success.