South Lee School
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Term Dates



Autumn Term 2018 

START: Thursday 6th September

HALF TERM: Saturday 20th October to Wednesday 31st October (inclusive) 

END: Friday 14th December (following the Carol Service)

Spring Term 2019

START: Wednesday 9th January

HALF TERM: Saturday 16th February to Sunday 24th February (inclusive)

END: Friday 29th March

Summer Term 2019

START: Thursday 25th April

HALF TERM: Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June (inclusive)

END: Friday 5th July (following Speech Day)

Autumn Term 2019 (provisional)

START: Thursday 5th September

HALF TERM: Saturday 19th October to Wednesday 30th October (inclusive)

END: Friday 13th December (following the Carol Service)

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