South Lee School
01284 754 654

Morning Care & Extended Day Care


As a school, we understand the need for wrap-around care. We are open every week-day from 7.30am until 6pm.

Every morning, pupils may have breakfast together. A variety of cereals, toast and spreads as well as patisserie are on offer. The older children then prepare for the day in the school library whilst the younger pupils start the day with calm activities before the teaching day starts at 8.30am.

Please call the School Office on 01284 754654, or email, for more information about Early Morning Care.

At the end of the teaching day, at 3.10pm for pre-prep and 3.45pm for prep, there are many clubs available. For prep school pupils, there is both first and second prep so pupils can stay for a club and then complete their prep at school should they wish. Pupils are encouraged to join clubs and take advantage of the many exciting activities on offer!

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