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news archives This Week in EYFS…

In Cygnets, the children have been busy preparing for ‘World Book Day.’ Of course, all the children love Julia Donaldson’s books. Each day the children have worked collaboratively to create a different character from one of her stories. Having listened to ‘Room on a Broom,’ the children have use ingredients from the story to create their own amazing magic potions and have had great fun making a ‘Gruffalo’ den in the classroom. The den was just perfect for role play!


In Swans, the children have been so excited to see their seeds growing. We gently lifted out a seedling so that the children could look at the roots and discuss their importance.

They absolutely loved listening to the story ‘Pumpkin Soup.’ They have been thinking about how they can help each other, take turns and be good friends like Squirrel, Duck and Cat.  The children planted pumpkin seeds and were surprised at both their shape and size when they compared them to the seeds they planted last week.

They have made a flower picture for a very special day later in the month.

In Reception, the children have been busy in our role play area playing the role of receptionist, dentist and patient.

They have been learning about the importance of caring for their teeth and have discussed the necessity for a healthy diet to prevent tooth decay. They have sorted foods into those that are healthy and unhealthy and have loved writing a list of ‘naughty’ foods that might create holes in their teeth. Purchasing dental items has allowed the children to consolidate their understanding of coins. They have had great fun creating paintings using all sorts of different types of brushes.

In STEM, the children have been discussing the location of their taste buds. Wearing blindfolds and tasting a variety of foods allowed the children to identify whether they were salty, sweet, sour or bitter. The children had an absolutely wonderful time