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news archives This Week in EYFS…

In Cygnets, it has been a week of celebration. The children watched with excitement as Miss Debbie tossed a pancake in the air and caught it in a frying pan. Everyone wanted to chatter about their favourite pancake fillings.

Listening to Mardi Gras music whilst creating masks was a wonderful way to celebrate this carnival.

The children are continuing to work on fine motor development as they trace their names and participate in fabulous cutting tasks.

In Swans, the children have been enjoying the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They have worked collaboratively to create a large picture depicting the story. This story has provided the perfect opportunity to plant seeds including green beans, peas and mangetout. It was very impressive that the children understood that seeds needed to be planted in soil and that both water and sunshine would allow them to grow.

Our ‘Garden Centre’ has allowed the children to match quantities of seeds to corresponding numbers. They have written labels for plant pots and planted artificial flowers.

In Reception, the children have been very busy in our role play area playing the role of receptionist, doctor and patient.

They have been learning the importance of exercise and diet in order to keep their bodies healthy. Our school skeleton visited the classroom, wearing a variety of ridiculous attire each morning. The children have had such fun writing about what he is wearing. They have been working collaboratively, using a variety of tape measures to measure different body parts.

We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Shrove Tuesday. The children had fun listening to stories and rhymes, mixing batter and eating pancakes.