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We hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas and it is so lovely to see your children running into our classrooms once again. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to those parents and children who are joining us for the first time. As always, we are very excited about the term ahead and will be celebrating both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day this half term.

In Cygnets this week, the children have settled beautifully into their new routine. They have had a wonderful time, engaging in fabulous role play in the ‘Cygnet’s Café.’ It has been so lovely to watch them interacting so imaginatively with one another.

In Swans this week, the children have shared so many magical stories about their Christmas celebrations and time spent with family and friends. They have settled with ease into their classroom routines and have enthusiastically welcomed the new children into their group. Our ‘Cafe’ role play area has proved to be very popular and they have been busy creating delicious drinks and food for customers to purchase.
In ‘Explore and Discover’ this week, the children have looked at electronics and coding. They had great fun creating a circuit to light a bulb and using coding to manouvre a robot and mouse.

This week in Reception, the children have been learning a little about rain. They have had fun pouring water into plastic containers and floating shaving foam on top to represent clouds. Using pipettes, they added drops of two primary food colourings on to the shaving cream. The weight of the food colouring gradually pushed through the shaving cream and fell down through the water, producing a secondary colour. It looked just like streaks of rain falling. They have been examining rainwater in different shaped containers and problem solving to discover which contained the most and least amounts of water. The children have loved pretending to be weather presenters, using lots of different words to describe rainy conditions in different parts of the country.

In STEM, the children problem solved to make tunnels in sand and created a circuit to light a bulb. Having experimented with magnets they created a kite and placed a paper clip on their creation. They were then able attach a magnet to their clip and, running in the playground, were able to see the kite tails flying.

Reception children also participated in ‘Online Safety’ on Friday afternoon, learning key skills and focusing on ‘Keeping Safe.’