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We have had an amazing week in EYFS. The children were so surprised to receive a bag of letters from the North Pole. The classroom erupted when they realised that Father Christmas had written to every one of them. The children were thrilled that Santa had sent one of his elves to South Lee and they excitedly chattered about what the little sprite might get up to when no one was looking. Our post box is full of Christmas cards that the children have written to one another and, of course, they have used copious amounts of glitter on all of their festive creations.
It really was a joyous experience watching the children performing ‘A Miracle in Town.’ We have witnessed three very different versions but, at every performance, the children have astounded me with their enthusiasm and confidence. Our Cygnets performed with such sincerity and the Swans sang with gusto and a great sense of fun. It was wonderful to see the Reception children taking responsibility for the more traditional roles. To combine both song and action is no easy feat at this tender age, but they all rose to the challenge and we are so proud of every one of them. We would like to thank our wonderful audience for providing such a warm and exuberant response to their production.
The EYFS staff wish you all a very Merry Christmas.