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news archives This Week In EYFS

In Cygnets, we have had a wonderful week and we cannot believe that it is half term already!  We have been learning about Harvest and the festival of Diwali. Rangoli patterns are traditionally made using coloured rice, but our children have created amazing patterns using neon paint.  After half term, it will be countdown to Christmas which means we will be working towards our Christmas Nativity. This is Mrs Gisbey’s favourite time of the year and she is so excited already as she just adores how keen these little people are to engage in their learning.


In Swans, the topic for the week was Harvest and the children have shared their knowledge at circle time, discussing the different crops that farmers might grow.  Interestingly, the children had all seen fields of wheat and talked animatedly about combine harvesters.

They have had fun making up stories together using with the small world farm animals, pens and tractors.

Using corn kernels and popcorn, the children designed some amazing pictures.

In ‘Explore and Discover’ this week, we created explosions by pouring vinegar into a zip seal bag, then adding food colouring and bicarbonate of soda.  The bicarbonate of soda reacted with the vinegar and the bag expanded before bursting with a bang!  Naturally, the children loved watching the bubbly froth pour from the broken bag!


In Reception, the children have listened to the story of Little Red Hen and have taken it in turns to play the part of one of the animals, chanting the appropriate refrains. With a little help from Emily, they have been learning about how a combine harvester gathers the wheat from the field and then separates the grain from the rest of the wheat plant. Naturally, we had to make bread rolls to help consolidate their understanding of how the grains are made into flour. They have been tasting breads from around the world and have been mark making to show their preferences.

Today, we all came together to learn about Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated by millions of Hindus across the world.  Enjoying the smell of incense, watching traditional dance and listening to the story of Rama and Sita provided a wonderful sensory experience. Selecting noisy instruments to play at the mention of the terrible monster ‘Ravanna,’ added to the excitement of the story. Creating a vocal firework display was the perfect ending to a fabulous morning.

Bill, Emily and Sam’s Daddy surprised us with a visit in his big green tractor. Mr. Brown kindly allowed every child to climb up into the driver’s cabin. They were so excited to hold the steering wheel and beeping the horn caused great hilarity!!!!

We are so sorry that the fabulous Mrs Boseley is leaving our team.  We send all our love and hope that, one day, she will return to our team.