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Week ending 04.10.19

Year 1


Charlotte – For being a fantastic role model this week!

Freddie – For developing his confidence when reading and working hard to learn the words on his key ring.


Harry – For great effort when selecting coins to make prices this week.

Rory – For confidently telling o’clock times this week.

Sener – For being kind, happy and having a fabulous day.


Year 2


Kendra – For excellent effort and focus in all of her work.

Evie – For great effort and resilience in Maths.


Bill – For being a kind, friendly and considerate member of the class.

Zarah – For brilliant coordinates work in Topic.


Year 3


Arya – For always being a good role model.

Lexie – For trying hard in Maths.


Millie – For always being helpful in class.

Ted – For fantastic work in Maths.