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news archives This Week in EYFS

This week in Cygnets, the children have been learning about friendship. Naturally, they all said that their mum and dad were their best friends. To support the children in their understanding of how to be a good friend within the classroom setting, they listened to the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish.’  This wonderful story was a fantastic stimulus for thinking about how they can all be kind to one another. They have all made their own handprint rainbow fish, sprinkling glitter everywhere to create those sparkly scales.

The children have been busy sticking a photo of themselves onto a paper fish.  Using magnets, they have all had the opportunity to ‘fish for a friend’ and identify which of their peers they have managed to catch. This activity proved to be such fun!

In Swans, the children have been discussing ways of keeping healthy. I was so impressed with the knowledge that the children have already acquired. They are already aware that fruit and vegetables are healthy and can be eaten plentifully. They are becoming more aware that sweet foods should be eaten as treats or part of a meal. They understand that exercise such as running, jumping, climbing, swimming and playing tennis, are all very effective ways of keeping healthy.

The children have played imaginatively this week, busily cooking in the role play area and having fun creating stories around the small world toys such as the train track and animals.

Watching ‘Jolly Phonics’ on our interactive screen continues to be a favourite amongst the children. They look forward to listening to the song each week and are always eager to listen to the story.  We appreciate all the amazing sound work the children have been doing at home, adding lots of pictures in their sound books.


In Reception, the children have loved using puppets to re-tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood and have especially enjoyed saying…..’Oh what big teeth you have Grandma!’.

The children reflected on the ‘golden values’ and decided that the wolf clearly wasn’t thinking about how he made poor Grandma feel. They busily created sorry cards for the wolf so that he could apologise to Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood for his scary behaviour.

The children packed up a basket of treats for Grandma, just as Red Riding Hood did in the story. They then went on a word or letter hunt in the playground and matched every gift to the correct label.

In Numeracy, the children have been focusing on finding more than a given number. They have been busily printing, creating towers, dropping conkers into tins and using the interactive board to support them in their learning.

‘National Poetry Day’ allowed us to focus on our ABC book of poems where every child can listen to an animal poem which begins with their capital letter. It is undoubtedly our favourite book in the classroom!


Great fun was had by all when we tried to inflate a balloon by adding vinegar and bicarbonate of soda into a clear bottle using funnels. Quickly stretching the balloon over the neck of the bottle, the children were amazed at how these ingredients reacted to immediately inflate their balloon. The classroom was filled with shrieks of excitement, laughter, wonder and awe. Experimenting with amounts of ingredients led to fabulous questioning and observations.

A second activity was to create a water wheel.  Having looked at pictures, the children looked at the available resources and suggested what they might use to make their own wheel.  A hole was made through the centre of two plates and cups were attached in the middle using sticky tape. Every child gently poured water into the cups and watched the wheel begin to turn. The children showed amazing curiosity.

Making pinwheels created a great deal of excitement. The children had to colour, cut carefully along lines and fold into the centre, before finally securing through a straw with a split pin.  Once completed, they had great fun finding different ways of getting their pinwheel to move.