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news archives This Week in Pre Prep

Year 1

We have had a busy week back after half term in Year 1. This week we have begun our new topic ‘At the Seaside’. It has been fun hearing about the children’s seaside experiences. We watched a video called ‘At the Seaside with Magic Grandad’ this was great to ignite our thoughts and make us think about how the seaside may have been different in the past. After this, we had to sort seaside pictures and decide if they were from then or now. In English, we wrote animal ‘Who Am I’ poems. The children had to give clues about an animal and we enjoyed reading these as a class and guessing the different animals that the children had described. In Math’s this week, we have been finding a half and a quarter of an amount. The children were able to look carefully at the fraction and decide if they needed to share the number into groups of 2 or 4, and they then drew dots to help them find the answer. We have also been looking at naming common 3D shapes and we will continue with this next week. In phonics this week we have been working hard to learn the ‘ey’ sound.  

Year 2

Another busy week in Year 2. In English, we revised sentence openers and planned and wrote our own stories of George making the medicine in the style of Roald Dahl. In Maths, we learnt about bridging and vertical addition and subtraction. We started our new topic of ‘In My Garden’ and have begun learning about plants and animals. We have found out about the key features of living things and their processes by using MRS GREN. In RS, we learnt about Buddha’s enlightenment. In Design Technology, we planned our shoe box lid gardens. 


In Year 3 this week we have been working on our magazines for Year 1. The Year 3 children interviewed their year 1 partner and asked them about items that they would like in their magazines. The Year 3 children have been writing stories, fact files, word searches, recipes and lots of other ideas. I think Year 1 will have great fun reading them. In maths we have been halving, doubling and we have also started using the grid method for multiplication. 

In Geography we continued our work on erosion and we sorted different coastal features into erosion and depositional landforms. In History we continued our study on castles and we learnt about the different parts of a castle. In RS we learnt about Pentecost and what happened at Pentecost.  The children finished the week with a match at OBH. They are all very excited.