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news archives This Week In Early Years

It’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic this week in Fledglings class, and the children have been working hard to prepare their own snack! The children have spread the butter and or jam onto their bread to make sandwiches, counted their crisps and decorated a biscuit. We have been lucky with the weather this week which has made our picnic even more fun!

We have had a lovely week in Cygnets. The children have been enjoying a “Teddy Bears Picnic” up at the woods with their friends. The children have made their own sandwiches and iced their own biscuits, which they thought was great.
We have listened and sung along to the song of “Teddy Bears Picnic”… this was very sweet to watch. We have also read stories about Teddy Bears too. The children have decorated their own teddy bears and cut out their own teddy bears.

This week in Swans the theme has been Teddy Bears Picnic. We have joined the rest of the Nursery classes and had our picnic at the woods. The children have enjoyed our adventure. One morning we sat under the shelter and listened to the very heavy rain. We then acted out were going on a bear hunt which was lots of fun.

This week we have been dismantling our igloo and working collaboratively to thread the bottles in bundles of 10……perfect for consolidating counting in 10’s.
Identifying different flavours of ice-cream when blindfolded proved to be very exciting. They have been using their knowledge of letters and sounds to list their favourite flavours. Purchasing ice-cream has allowed the children to use a variety of coins to make a given number.

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