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This week in Fledglings we have been discussing ‘People who help us.’ The children have been making all sorts of crafts that relate to Policeman, Firefighters, Doctors etc. These will be displayed on our wall in the classroom. We have been very fortunate to take advantage of the Victory Grounds field, we have walking over there every morning to prepare for sports day and practice our races. The children have been so well behaved, especially when crossing the road. Next week is Teddy Bears Picnic.

This week in Cygnets we are talking lots about people that help us. The children came up with lots of answers when I asked “Does anyone know who helps us”? We had Policeman, Fireman, and an ambulance man. We then spoke about other people that help us, like doctors and nurses, lifeguards, dentists, vets, and teachers.
The children have been playing in the big tray, with the emergency vehicles. I have put the numbers 1-10 round the tray. I have been asking the children to drive on the road (drawn on it) to a certain number. The children then have to select the same amount of fluffy balls to put in their vehicle. This will encourage the children to be able to understand that the number on the tray and the quantity of some objects match. We have also been playing a match the emergency vehicle to the emergency worker.
We have been practising for sports day most mornings. The children are trying so hard. They have been amazing.

This week the children in Swans have been busy practicing for sports day at the victory ground. They were so grown up, listening and following instructions as we walked across the road. The children once again showed their competitive sides as they competed in the running, relay, hurdles and obstacle races and their javelin throwing was amazing!

This week the children in Reception have had lots of fun in our role play area, selling and purchasing holidays. They have been cutting pictures from holiday brochures to create their own postcards and writing messages on the back. Applying their knowledge of letters and sounds, they have compiled a list of clothes to pack for their holiday. Using a shoe box to represent a suitcase and cubes, cuboids, cylinders and triangular prisms to depict clothing, they had to arrange these shapes to cover the base of their box. In order to try and fit more clothing into their suitcase, the children had to problem solve by placing each shape on to their smallest face. Preparing for ‘Sports Day’ has been exciting.

We have had an amazing annual EYFS Sports Day. The children were fantastic. They ran, they jumped, and they threw javelins!! (foam ones). We were very happy to see so many parents and grandparents come and watch a lovely mornings sport.

EYFS Sports Day 2019

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