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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Fledglings we have been practising for Sports day! The children seem so excited, they have performed brilliantly in their races and can’t wait to show you parents! Let’s hope the weather gets better!

We have had a very energetic week in Cygnets despite the wet weather. The children have been practising hard for Sports Day. They have practised the running, relay and obstacle race. I think they will be fantastic on the day!!
We have been talking about our families who may come and cheer us on. We have also been talking about wining and losing and just being part of a great team.
We had a very exciting afternoon on Tuesday, as we watched the OVO Ladies Cycle Team pass South Lee School. The children had a great time waving and cheering as not only the cyclists that sped by, but the numerous police bikes and cars that went past .
We have had a very excited puppy Ivy Rose visit us this week.The children were very happy to have a bundle of joy in the classroom. They learnt all about looking after a new puppy. It was a very fun morning.

The children have had another busy week. They have been making special cards for Father’s Day, learning a song and poem for graduation day and preparing for sports day. The children are enjoying learning the diagraphs in Jolly Phonics. The children have also enjoyed going to Mrs. Gisbey’s class for a story.

The children in Reception were excited to see the arrival of tiny caterpillars in our classroom this week and they are looking forward to being able to witness their life-cycle. Pretending to be ‘hungry birds’ searching for coloured woollen caterpillars in our woods has helped to develop their understanding of the necessity for effective camouflage in the wild. This week the children have had fun learning about symmetry, working collaboratively to create symmetrical models. The story of the hungry caterpillar was a stimulus for paint blob symmetry using primary colours to create a secondary. Writing a list of foods that the caterpillar might have eaten was brilliant for encouraging the children to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to write words.

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