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news archives This week in Early Years

Welcome back Fledglings! I hope you had a nice week off. This week we have been discussing holidays, as-well-as holiday based activities e.g. Packing a suitcase, creating a beach scene for our wall and pretending to board a plane! What a fantastic first week back.

This week in Cygnets has definitely got us all thinking about our Summer holidays. I planted lots of different items around the classroom and the children needed to decide if we needed to pack them in our suitcase. This caused a lot of discussions about if we needed as many toys as they thought, and did we need their wellies!! Hopefully this might help if you are off on your holidays soon. The children have decorated our wall with a seaside scene. It looks very inviting.
We have also been talking about water safety. The children were very informative when telling me what they needed to remember.

The Swans have had lots of fun this week. At circle time we thought about what we would need to pack for a beach holiday. The children pretended to add things to the suitcase including swimsuits, shorts, T-shirt’s, sun cream and hats. Along the same theme the children created seaside pictures using different materials. We also looked at floating and sinking and the children created boats from clay or paper. In the role play area (seaside shop & café) the children took turns to be shop assistants or customers, recognising the numbers on items they were selling or purchasing.

This week in reception a school trip to ‘Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Park’ was just the perfect way to culminate our topic on dinosaurs. Working in groups, the children worked competitively to search for specific dinosaurs, answering questions about their appearance and diet before collecting medals. It was an absolutely magical day and their excitement and enthusiasm was infectious.
Later in the week, we went on a minibeast hunt and the children worked collaboratively to collect and identify various bugs. It was a perfect opportunity for children to become aware that not all children enjoy the same things. Those children who felt reluctant to touch minibeasts acted as scribes for others. Using their knowledge of letters and sounds, the children wrote a list of bugs that they found in the woods. Ladybirds proved to be very useful for doubling and sharing tasks using counters. 

This weeks Leaf Awards and Headmasters Awards went to:


Leaves for the Tree of Achievement 

Miller  – For tidying the toys away without being asked 

Edward – For writing his name independently on a picture 

Luca – For great enthusiasm when learning the song for the graduation 

Jack – For doing very well in physical fun, throwing the javelin 

Headmasters Award 

Noah – For listening carefully at circle time 

Amelie – Recognising numbers significant to her 

Reuben – Great shape recognition in everyday objects 

Rachel – Remembered all the colours in french 

Reception Class 

Leaves for the Tree of Achievement 

Rory – For fabulous tower building 

The whole class – For the fantastic behaviour at the dinosaur park 

Headmasters Award 

Charlotte – Mr Watch was very impressed with Charlottes exemplary behaviour at the dinosaur park 

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