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Thank goodness for the glorious weather because it has been Interactive Outdoor Learning week! The children in Fledglings have participated in many different outdoor activities including: measuring how many children’s hands we can fit around a tree, how many children it takes to make a path to the top of the grass, lifting up logs to find insects and of course making our famous muddy pies. The children have explored all aspects of the woods and have seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time outside.

What lovely weather we have had for our Outdoor Learning week. Cygnets have joined together with the Fledglings and the Swans to bring our learning outside. We have used our bodies to measure up at the woods. The children laid head to toe across the grass, and we counted how many children it took to get to the path. We also held hands to see how many children it took to go round the large tree. We had a scavenger hunt where we had to gather a certain amount of leaves, twigs, cones and daisies. The children then used the materials found to make a collage. In Cygnets we collected some large sticks from the woods and the children wrapped some wool and material round them. We then put them together to make a colourful tepee. So lovely to look at in our outside area.

What a lovely week we have had in Nursery with lots of outdoor activities in the sunshine! The children in Swans have found different ways to measure things at the woods; including laying down on the path and counting the number of children, using hands to measure around a tree etc. This caught the children’s imagination and we observed them measuring things around Nursery using toys such as a spade to measure the length of the sand pit. The children also enjoyed creating a den, painting, playing in the water and sand and so much more.

This week the children in Reception have been looking at the characteristics of different dinosaurs and have worked collaboratively to create a group of dinosaurs that share some of these. It has been a useful exercise in getting the children to use their newly extended vocabulary to assemble a set of dinosaurs with a common theme.
Using their phonic knowledge, the children have been busy labelling dinosaur body parts e.g. horns/wings/tail etc…
Using a metre wheel, they have all had a turn at measuring the length of different dinosaurs to try and discover which is the longest. Using our tiny toy dinosaurs, we have focused a great deal on halving, sharing and doubling.
The children continue to design their own dinosaurs this week using paper plates.

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