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news archives This Week in Early Years

It is Interactive Animals Homes Week throughout the Nursery and the children in Fledglings class have been learning all about different animals and their habitats. This week has been particularly eggs-citing because we have some baby chicks that have arrived. This has been a great opportunity for the children to care and nurture for the eggs, and the excitement of the eggs hatching has got all the children intrigued. We can’t wait to name them!

This week in Cygnets we have been learning about different animals and their habitats. We have had some eggs delivered from the Living Egg Company. The children have been so excited telling me what is going to happen when the time is ready for the eggs to hatch. We have been visiting the Swans classroom waiting and watching with great anticipation. The children have made their own spiders webs, by weaving wool over a paper plate. This was great for their fine motor skills.We also made birds nests, by mixing melted chocolate with shredded wheat and popping some mini eggs in the top. The children really enjoyed making these. We have made animals homes out of 3d shapes, and counted how many animals we can fit in. The children have been very imaginative when selecting certain bricks.

This week we have joined together with the Cygnets and Fledglings children, to learn about different animal homes. The children had lots of fun making a birds’ nest and a spider’s web. They also created animal homes from play dough. The children were very excited about the eggs arriving on Monday and were so happy to see all 8 chicks hatch by Thursday. The eggs have inspired the children’s mathematical skills, looking at colour, shape and size as well as counting, adding and taking away.

The story ‘How To Grow A Dinosaur’ provided the perfect stimulus to create an exciting garden centre role play area. The children in Reception have designed their own dinosaur seed packets and have written a warning caption to whoever might purchase and sprinkle them. Selling these dangerous seeds in their shop has allowed the children to work with a variety of coins. Having hidden different objects in three identical eggs, the children had to problem solve to put them in order from lightest to heaviest. The children have worked collaboratively to design dinosaur nests using natural materials and the timely arrival of tadpoles and chicks has led to interesting class discussion as to which animals lay eggs.

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