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news archives This Week in Pre Prep

Year 1

This week in our English lessons we have been looking at the story of Handa’s surprise. We created some actions to help us remember the story and retold it as a class. In our writing lesson, we then wrote our retelling of the story. In Maths, we have been looking at data. We had great fun creating pictograms for our favourite fruits and favourite pets, and then we converted this information into a bar graph. We have also been recapping number bonds to 8 and 9, and have looked at how the addition and subtraction number sentences relate for these bonds. In Topic this week we have been naming the five oceans. We learnt another song to help us remember the names! We have also been learning about hot and cold countries and have learnt about the equator. We had great fun in our swimming lesson again this week and it has been great to see the progress that the children have made with their swimming this term!

Year 2

We have had a very exciting week in Year 2. We got off to a great start with our bike day. We learnt about the parts of a bike and how a bike works. We enjoyed cycling around the playground, around cones, along lines as well as signalling and stopping and starting safely. It was a busy day. In English, we wrote an explanation about how a bike works.  We labelled a picture and completed a fact file too. In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time on an analogue and digital clock. We are learning to tell the time to the quarter hour. In Science, we have explored forces, we investigated the effect of ramp height on the distance travelled by a toy car. We predicted the results and discussed fair testing.  In R/S, we started to find out about Holy Week. In Art, we did detailed stage by stage pictures of bikes and made Mother’s Day cards.

Year 3

In English and History this week we have been learning about the first Viking attack at Lindesfarne in 793AD. We wrote a newspaper report as if we were there at the time. We included a headline and key facts about the attack. In Maths we have been learning about the place value of money. We have also been multiplying numbers by 10 and 100. In RS we have been learning about David and Goliath. In Geography and Science we learnt about Kenyan tea plantations and we also learnt about the process the green tea leaf has to go through to go into our tea bags.

Our Easter Hat competition is on Thursday 28th March at 9.15am. Parents are welcome to join us for a cup of coffee or tea beforehand in the school library. We look forward to seeing you.