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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets we have been talking about colours and shapes in everything that we have been doing. It has been fun seeing what shapes are all around us. From triangles in our playground equipment to the circle in our tyre swing. In our home corner the children have had lots of enjoyment by telling us all the different shapes and colours in the kitchen equipment. We have been singing a new rainbow song in the mornings, which is very catchy and the children are enjoying singing it. They have been showing that their recognition for colour and shape is amazing. The Cygnets have also been busy making their Mothers day cards. These have been made with lots of love, and I’m sure they will be very excited to give them to you next week.

Wow what an exciting week! The children have had lots of fun building bridges and tunnels from different materials including wooden bricks, lollypop sticks, playdough and sand. We tested out how strong the bridges were by putting books and toys on the top. The children cheered when the bridges stayed upright and laughed and oohed when they collapsed.
Throughout the week the children have used mathematical language such as add, subtract, total, more and less. They grouped items together such as two groups of toy cars or pens, we then added the groups together or subtracted one from the other.

This week the children in Reception have had great fun designing groovy glasses to sell in their shop. Our role play area has been absolutely brilliant for consolidating their learning of capital letters. They have formed capital letters on white boards before designing their own eye charts. Using blindfolds, the children selected an item from a feely bag and tried to identify it through their sense of touch. Using their sense of smell and taste, they each had to try and recognise a selected food.

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