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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets we have taken the children into Space. We have darkened the room and had Space music playing. The children have been trying to walk around the classroom just like astronauts would walk on the moon, which has caused great hilarity. We have been learning about the different planets in our Solar System. We have done this through singing some songs. Its amazing how much information the children retain. We have had moon sand in our builders tray and the children have spent lots of time playing with it. They have been filling up the rocket and moon buggy with it, squashing and pushing into pots. Its great for their sensory and fine motor skills. We have been pretending to be rockets going up into space. Counting down from 10 and blasting off into the sky. We have had a lovely week.

The children in Swans have had another very exciting week discovering more about space.
They have continued to ask lots of questions in the classroom about space, enjoying pretending to be astronauts, weighing moon rocks, playing in moon sand, learning a new space poem, taking a ride in the space rocket and building junk model aliens. What a busy week!

This week the children in Reception have been learning a little bit about our solar system. Using a torch and a rotating globe, they have been able to observe how some of our planet is in daylight whilst other parts are in darkness.
The children used the computer to watch the Planets Song (animated) and the Solar System Song, both of which are fabulous at helping them to retain information about the planets.
Using flour to represent the moon’s surface, the children had great fun throwing different sized balls into the trough to create craters. This helped to consolidate their understanding of the effects of asteroids in space.
Writing lists of objects they might take with them into space allowed the children to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to write words successfully for themselves.

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