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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week the Cygnets classroom has been turned into a Library. In our role play area the children have been borrowing books and our leader of the day has been the Librarian. The Librarian has been counting and stamping the books. The children have enjoyed returning the books and getting a sticker for returning on time. This week we have visited the Swans and Reception class to listen to a story being read. The Swans class told the “Whatever Next story”. The children loved watching the bear having an exciting journey. The Reception class read the “The Big Pancake”. The children took it in turns to have the masks of the characters in the story. We then enjoyed pancakes with lemon and some sugar. That was a lovely ending!! In Cygnets we told the “Gruffalo story”, we too had children taking part. The children really enjoyed it as its a story that they are familiar with and they were able to help tell the story.

This week the children have been looking at books about space; asking more questions about the planets in our solar system, their knowledge and understanding of space is amazing!
The children also joined together with Reception and Cygnet classes to share stories, including ‘Whatever next’ a story about a bear who pretends to go to the moon, ‘Mr Wolf’s pancakes’ in which Mr Wolf asks his neighbours to help him make pancakes and also the Gruffalo Story. Throughout the week we talked about the roles that an Author and Illustrator have when creating the lovely books we read.
The children have also been exploring the moon by playing with moon sand and weighing moon rocks.

This week, Ms. McNaught visited our classroom to talk to the children about the Rainbow Ward at the West Suffolk Hospital. With her support, they all had great fun playing the role of both patient and medical assistant. They have learned a little bit about the functions of our skeleton and have sorted different foods into those that that are healthy and those that are especially good for strengthening our bones. Exercising vigorously and feeling their racing heartbeats proved to be a very exciting activity. A wonderful topic for working collaboratively and measuring different body parts using tape measures.

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