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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets we have been looking at technology, and how things work around us.
The children all use the big screen in the classroom. It has provided us with the biggest piece of technology in our classroom. The children all know how we turn it on, and none of them are frightened to press something on the screen. It is amazing how they all remember to change the colours of the pen or how to rub it out. We have then showed them how we can search for information on the internet. Letting them ask for something of their choice to see. We have then showed them how the ipad is just a smaller version of our TV, and we can search for the same item on it.

This week in Swans we have been looking at how we can use technology to help us gain knowledge about space. The children were amazing, suggesting how we might find out information from the computer.
Throughout the week we found information on the internet about the size and the number of planets in our solar system, how we would travel to space, how we would move around in space etc. We also watched a short video, showing a rocket launching which they found very exciting.
The children also enjoyed pretending to be astronauts, putting on their space suits and boots (red suits and wellington’s) walking around feeling very light, fortunately our heavy boots helped to prevent us from floating away. They loved suggesting which planet we should visit.
The children’s curiosity blew me away, they asked so many questions.

This week the children in Reception have enjoyed using our dentist role play area, playing the roles of receptionist, dentist and patient. Taking turns to examine teeth has allowed the children to look at their different shapes and has been a very good counting exercise.
Dental purchases, using ‘numicon’ apparatus has consolidated their learning of how to combine different coins to reach a given number.
Using a shark puppet, the children sorted foods into those that were healthy for it’s teeth and those that contain sugar. They really enjoyed creating a list of the sugary snacks that might create holes in their teeth when eaten between meals. Having explained that they should brush their teeth for 2 minutes in the morning and at night, they then exercised using our sand timer to support their understanding of the passage of time.
Painting with a variety of brushes was hilariously funny and very mucky too.

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