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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week the children in Cygnets have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We have decorated the classroom with a fantastic Chinese dragon. The children have also decorated their own lanterns, which all look so pretty.
We have listened to and watched the Chinese New Year story and spoken about all the different animals. The children in Cygnets were either sheep or monkeys!! We joined the children in Reception and Swans to celebrate with them. The children were given masks of one of the animals and they re told the story.

This week in Swans we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. Listening to the story about the Chinese zodiac animals, learning that this year is the year of the pig (boar). We also listened to Chinese traditional music.
The children have played in the Chinese take away. They had great fun pretending to prepare meals, taking orders over the phone writing down the order etc. The children also traced their names in Chinese writing and made Chinese lanterns.
We also celebrated Chinese New Year with the Cygnets and reception class, acting out the story listening to music and tasting noodles. Then we danced the Chinese dragon dance to the beat of the big drum. The children were all given a traditional gift, a Chinese envelope with coins in to take home.

This week in Reception we have been celebrating Chinese New Year….a wonderful, multisensory experience.
Our ‘Chinese Takeaway’ has provided a lot of fun in our role play area and has allowed the children to focus on money and numbered containers from 1-20.
They enjoyed watching the festivities of British Chinese children celebrating with their families on cbeebies. Having listened to the traditional Chinese tale of the New Year Race, the children were able to select an animal puppet from the story. They had to use their animal characteristics to try and justify why the ‘year’ should be named after themselves.
They absolutely loved looking at their names in Chinese calligraphy and listened to the pronunciations too, using the internet.

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