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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets, the children have been discussing food and their likes and dislikes. We have been making charts, where the children have been able to select pictures of food they really like and don’t like. We have also made our own pitta bread pizzas, where the children recreated the ones they made on a paper plates last week.
We have done a blindfold tasting session with Neapolitan ice cream, to see if the children could decipher which flavour was which and which one they preferred.

In the Swans class we have continued our Food topic, this week was all about Pizza.
Talking about all the lovely toppings that can be added to a pizza, the children were very eager to share their likes and dislikes. They were also excited about making pizza; mixing the flour with yeast and water, then kneading the dough and pressing it out to create the pizza base. They then used the back of a spoon to spread out the tomato sauce before adding a choice of toppings. The pizzas looked amazing and smelt delicious.
We also sliced a pretend pizza looking at the sizes of 1 whole pizza, ½ of a pizza, ¼ of a pizza and ¾ of a pizza, the children were also very quick to recognise how many slices were left when 1 was taken away. Fantastic mathematical skills!

The children in Reception have loved pretending to be weather presenters, using different words to describe rain. This week, they have been learning words to describe the different strengths of wind. Using the internet, they have been able to listen to a soundtrack of wind and have looked at the effects of this type of weather in the environment. The children have written a simple sentence to describe how windy weather makes them feel. Working out how to move objects without touching them, led to interesting experimentation and discussion. Great fun was had by all when they had to cover their decorated kites with tiny feathers, pompoms and glitter using only their breath

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